Harper Carroll

Born an actress from Manhattan. ~A decade in AI / Machine Learning at Stanford and Meta, now AI educator.
For business inquiries, please email partnerships@harpercarrollai.com.


  1. Illume Media Labs • Founder
    Education Laboratory. @HarperCarrollAI on Instagram and YouTube.
  2. Brev.dev • Head of AI/ML
    Building the most delightful way to find, provision, and configure AI-ready cloud instances for dev, training, and deployment. Full-stack eng.
  3. Meta • Software Engineer, AR/VR Emotional Wellbeing
    Built an emotional wellbeing product for an AR device.
  4. Facebook • ML Engineer, Integrity Intelligence + News Feed Ranking
    Developed a 0 → 1 ML system to detect & mitigate misinformation, up to the level of cyber warfare, targeted towards vulnerable populations ahead of the U.S. Presidential Election. As a result of its success, a new team spun out to apply the technology globally. Interned on News Feed Ranking, developing a ML model to determine whether a previously-seen post should be bumped in one's timeline after a new comment.
  5. Stanford University • B.S. + M.S. Computer Science, AI Specializaton
    Teacher Assistant (TA), and Course Development Assistant (CDA) for computer science/aerospace courses, including a PhD-level course, at Stanford (CS 238, Decision Making Under Uncertainty; CS 181, Computers, Ethics, and Public Policy; and AA120Q, Building Trust in Autonomy). Research Assistant at the Virtual Human Interaction Lab (VHIL), studying VR's ability to augment empathy.

AI Guides


Reflections from Kalalau Valley

Reflections after my 5-day solo hike on the Napali Coast Trail to Kalalau Valley, rated America's most dangerous hike.

Reflections on Stanford

Reflections on Stanford after being admitted to the AI Master's program, exactly 4 years after accepting my undergrad admission.

A Core Story: Math | Acting

Written my senior year of high school, this short story is central to my identity.

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