A Story of Love: Clark's Angel

My senior year, I took a film class to capture the story of Clark Eller, who was an exceptional soul and dear friend of mine. I expected to make a documentary about his reflections on life, and on the day of filming, we found those reflections to be almost exclusively about the love he shared with his wife, Kyla.

Rest in Paradise, Clark Eller. 12/16/1965 - 10/26/2018 ♡ ∞

Through life's most difficult challenges, love provides the strength to prevail.

Clark Eller has lived with cancer for over 10 years: first throat cancer for 2 years, and within 1 month of being deemed in remission, he learned he had pancreatic cancer. This film looks at how Clark's wife, Kyla Eller, plays a crucial role in helping Clark thrive the way he does, and observes the true love that exists between the two. "I'm telling you: love at first sight. It wasn't even a joke."

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Clark`s Angel Short Docufilm